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Biopolishing Enzymes

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Biopolishing Enzymes


1 Microgenix Cellucid XXL Plus

High Conc. Bio Polishing Enzyme Low Fading

2 Microgenix Bioplex CXL

High Conc. Bio Polishing Enzyme Low Fading

3 Microgenix Bioplex 3X7i

High Conc. Bio Polishing Enzyme Moderate Fading

4 Microgenix Biopol L Plus

Agressive Bio Polishing Enzyme Low Fading

5 Microgenix Bioplex F516

Bio Polishing Enzyme Low Fading

6 Microgenix Biomax LP

Crystalline Bio-polishing Enzyme

Neutral Cellulase Enzymes


7 Microgenix Indimax XPG Plus

Engineered Neutral Enzyme for achieving Grey Cast (High Activity)

8 Microgenix Cellex NB Plusi

High Activity Buffered Neutral Enzyme

9 Microgenix Primacel NXT

Engineered Neutral Cellulase for Ultra Low Backstaining & Maximum Contrast

10 Microgenix Cellex NB Plus

Formulated Neutral Enzyme with Mechanical Abrasion Properties

11 Microgenix Cellex NB

Formulated Neutral Enzyme Pre Buffered

Acid Cellulases for Denims


12 Microgenix Biomax LPD

Crystalline Enzyme for better Mechanical Abrasion

13 Microgenix Allex LC 40

Engineered Cellulase Enzyme for Denim

14 Microgenix Denicid XL

Low Backstainng Engineered Cellulase Enzyme for Denim

15 Microgenix Denicid GL

Engineered Acid Cellulase for Salt & Pepper Look

Pretreatment Formulations


16 Microgenix Primatex HT

Pre Treatment Formulation (Live Steam Stable)

17 Microgenix Primatex Plus

Pre Treatment Formulation

18 Microgenix Ambilase XL Plus

Low Temp Applicable Pre Treatment Formulation

19 Microgenix Thermolase HT

High Temp Stable De-sizing Enzyme for C.Range

Silicone Specialties


20 Microgenix Mex Plus

Elastomeric Composite Silicone Micro Emulsion

21 Microgenix Superfeel ES

Semi Micro / Semi Macro Composite Silicone Emulsion

22 Microgenix Plus 10

High Conc. Silicone Softener for White Fabrics / Garments

23 Microgenix SW 375

Silicone Softener for imparting Excellent Wicking Properties

24 Microgenix Flexsil 501 SL

Elastomeric Silicone Compound for Knitted Garments

25 Microgenix Superflex 501

High Conc. Hydrophilic Composite Siliocne Softener

26 Microgenix Aquasil Fwi

Non Yellowing Hydrophilic Softener

27 Microgenix Primafin XS

Non yellowing Silicone Softener

28 Microgenix Primasoft

Composite Silicone Softener for Premium Finish

29 Microgenix Pentasil

High Active Silicone Softener

30 Microgenix Soflix WD 2XL

Soft Flow Stable Silicone Softener



31 Microgenix Santin XP

Anti Backstaining Agent for Achieving 100% Backstaining Free Results

32 Microgenix Santin XPG

Anti Backstaining Agent for Achieving 100% Backstaining Free Results

33 Microgenix Santin EL

Anti Backstaining Agent for Achieving 100% Backstaining Free Results

34 Microgenix Instawet 100 LFi

Powerful Non Ionic Wetting Agent Low Foaming (APEO/NPEO Free)

35 Microgenix Instawet HTLF

High Temp Stable Powerful Non Ionic Wetting Agent (APEO/NPEO Free)

36 Microgenix Maxiclean RGX

Anti Backstaining Agent Cum Greying Agent for Indigo dyed denims

37 Microgenix Textin DLF

Anti Back staining Agent

38 Microgenix Textin PE Plus

Post Enzyme Back Staining Stripper Cum Neutralizer

39 Microgenix Indiclean L

Powerful all purpose cleaning agent

40 Microgenix Maxiclean AFLF

Alkali Free All Purpose Detergent

41 Microgenix Lubritex SBX

High Conc.Non Ionic Lubricant

42 Microgenix Exclor OS

All purpose Neutralizer

43 Microgenix Clean R

Multi Purpose Neutraliser & Sulphide Remover

44 Microgenix Proxil L

Enzyme Based Peroxide Neutraliser



45 Microgenix CSNY 100F

Ultra Low Yellowing Cationic Softener (Flakes)

46 Microgenix I - soft 100F

Modified Non ionic softener (Flakes)

47 Microgenix Indisof OS

Premium Finishing Compound for Indigo Dyed Denim for improving Ozone Rating

48 Microgenix Cata G

Ultra low yellowing RTU Cationic Softener

Neutral Cellulase Enzymes


49 Microgenix DMX-4

Formulated Cellulase Enzyme

Silicone Specialties


50 Microgenix Superfeel ESD

Silicone Softener (Nonionic)



51 Microgenix Santin CP

Anti Backstaining Agents

52 Microgenix Indilite Total

Washing Off Agent

53 Microgenix Indifix XLS

Non Formaldehyde Free Dye fixing Agent